Yuki’s Jazz

This morning I met these two musicians in Central Station Tunnel again. Yuki and John.

I was heading for my train. Knowing this might be the last time to see them in two years, first hesitated but I finally stopped by and talked with them. Simply telling them how I love their music and thanks them for making my journey in Sydney special. They were delightful to hear that and even gave me a hug! And asked me to say hello to them when I come back years later cause they are regularly here.

So grateful that I literally stopped by that I was able to express pure love to others.  It made my day. And I believe it is important to the receiver as well. And now I can contact with them and know more about these lovely musical players. What a surprise! I didn’t expect that!


(This photo is from their website: http://www.yukijazz.com/page/index_e.htm;
They are wearing Christmas hat recently!
Sadly I didn’t take pictures of them this morning cause I always think it is kind of…impolite and weird to photograph strangers.)

However what went on was…

After talking with them I suddenly  bursted into tears. And I know I am still that emotional girl no matter how aggressive and strong I look.

And I would never ever want to leave this lovely city and these lovely people.










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