Why I would love it

I mean 

Coz I would like to live in a world where no one would rush for a seat, I mean even battle for (excuse me?!). Rather they would (should) elegantly vacate it.

Coz I would like to live in a world where people would smile to strangers. I mean when u receive one could u please smile back or respond instead of showing me a dead face (excuse me?!)

This is nothing. This is everything.

The core is what I value most is valued in the other side (hello from the other side) while is devalued in ummmm you know

Like dignity, privacy, respect, love, honest,  love, welcome. Like obeying rules. Like, could you please wait in line?! 

I mean mostly the heart.

This is nothing to somebody. This is everything to me.

I was carrying two pieces of huge luggage plus two heavy bags and one backpack and I had so many troubles finding a lift. Some didnt have any. Some – damn I don’t know. I walked in a lift then was asked to leave but he just asked me to take escalator. (Damn could I?!) I’m sure if I’m disabled I’ll die here ok?! And some people just need to be taught and I just did it today when a rude man ignored me waiting in line and just stepped ahead of me. (Damn r u ok? A girl with so many luggages standing in front of a lift, you tell me you don’t know I’m waiting for it?! There r only three people here ok? R u serious?)


Could you please don’t charge me for a simple help?! Could you please really really really stand in line?! 

In terms of love I’ll usually encourage people (including me, this is literally my lifestyle)  by saying that “what the hell are u waiting for” (it’s a song name actually but it makes sense and I just like it). However now I want to say to many that what the hell are u rushing for?! 

My brilliant idea is speaking English when I can lol. Like when seeing such silly scenes hopefully I can just pretend I don’t understand lol maybe it would ummmm at least make me feel better right lol😂 


 And I’m now rethink of moving out from dorm but financial problem is still there lol

Pray to heavenly Father lets (sorry can’t attend to gcpc today 😦 I’ll listen to record tonight)

But yea, Rabbit you r right that once our mind changes, things change. I said I’m gonna be a totally different person when I left five months ago and now I am. What dear Aussie gives me is more than we know, right? At least I now always dance with song and shake my body lol. 

Romans12:2 Do not conform any longer to the pattern of this world, but be transformed by the renewing of your mind. Then you will be able to test and approve what God’s will is–his good, pleasing and perfect will.



4 thoughts on “Why I would love it

  1. 摸毛~🌏我陷入了深深的思考但是却一时不知评论啥😂😂先占个坑


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