Some serious thoughts

It’s said believe that a sensitive person is likely to have more selfawerness. A person with highly selfawerness is more likely to have better sense. Well I just don’t know how to start this article.

I’m seriously thinking my career development. Seriously.

Recently (or in the past two years) I find that I’m not a study/research person. I’m not good at studying at uni or school. I quite dislike theories or so. On the contrary I gradually, surprisingly feel that my energy comes from (if I may say) networking. Let’s say that I’m not suitable for staying indoors. My strength is meeting new people, building up network, and having a relaxin chat with them.

Literally surprised me!

So now, I don’t know how (of coz I know lol but just put it lol) I’m that lucky to work under a world class team and partner. And I do know some people now. With this rate of increase I’m pretty sure that I can grow into a not bad lawyer before too long. Maybe I can spend 10 or 15 years in becoming a partner.

It’s not my original goal to be under the lead of a boss who can be searched in Google and Who’s Who. But it’s surely my preference.

So I am really considering my future career plan.

Where should I go? What should I do? Which way should I take? Law firm goes first or boss first? Career first or happiness first?

As for Australia, I definitely love it and truly wanna stay there. But in this industry one sure thing is that language barrier is always there. Plus, racism is another issue. It would be even harder for me to really fit in this whitey. There I start everything from zero. However good thing is both the natural and social environment are what I preferred.

As for Hong Kong, I simply lose all my language advantages cause all of them know these three and probably do even better than me. I don’t have any network here either. Don’t forget that what really frighten me is the discrimination. Damn. Well good news is that you can enjoy a good job market as well as food that fit your appetite. It is also near home.

As for Mainland (mainly Beijing I mean) , career prospects are the best undoubtedly. However I am not happy, which is the most serious problem. Without passion you can succeed in nothing right? But the job prospects are attractive.

As for Singapore, I am still waiting for a chance to experience. It is one of my choices cause factors like job prospects, race, food and social order are satisfying. It is near home and it’s  immigration policy is quite ok. So I have already added it in my wish list that going there for a short stay before I make the final decision.

And another question to be considered is hahahahahahahah (eternal difficult problem) are u still going to the UK? What about England Bar Exam?

So for now, I don’t know how to decide (this eternal difficult problem is back! lol) Probability is that I might work first till I can firmly make a final determination. At the same time I do appreciate it that I have my say in this regard. Thanks God, thanks parents that I have the ability to think and choose this stuff. And thanks myself as well lol thanks for not giving up at any time. Only God knows where we will end but I know he will tell me eventually. And that will be surely worthwhile.

Btw, I’m happy to announce that I’m not ready to open to any relationship for the following quite a long period. 🙂 Though we r neighbors with another firm lol.



3 thoughts on “Some serious thoughts

  1. 把所有的思路写下来是一个很棒的事情~我也不适合做学术,很高兴看见你想得这么清楚~ps我也很喜欢新加坡!你会越来越好的啦加油~记得要开心!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. 其实是没想清楚所以才写出来嘛😂你也是要开心!


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