Just wanna mark this emotional day/week…

  • For the first time OT till 9:30 pm
  • For the first time arrived office before 8:00 am (also the first time earlier than head…
  • The fee on subway is already over ¥150…So I have a 50% off treatment ORZ
  • Feeling really stressful and lonely
  • But make a good friend with my neighbor sister in office
  • Heard some about personnel stuff which somehow distracted me (Don’t wanna know or think about it at all)
  • First case ever…but did bad mate
  • Oh that AWFUL staff (admin staff in uni) and her INTERESTING work…and that ANNOYING physique test…I just really not into uni…(Sorry about that)
  • Friend says I haven’t been that 躁底 for a while…which is a good news and not.(coz I am 躁底 now)
  • Still thanks God for providing me with so many lovely sisters in Christ and some non-Christian. You offer me a lot of comforts. Many thanks…You are my support.
  • I do miss those innocent days in AU…feeling carefree
  • etc..


I am fine…just a bit down right now

I am tired…And a bit sensitive…

I need to grow up…

But it will soon be alright

Cheer up

Time for retreat I reckon… 😦



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