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It’s quite me XD (no not the raccoon. The contents I mean…)

And I’m working on it 🙂

I mean, to people like us, the most important thing is never judging. 

I’m (or we r) not acting like this on purpose. But it’s just what we r like, in born.

The hurtful thing is not what our status r, but rather how people see us. They say u r overreacting. They say u can’t resist any pressure and critics. They say u have a glass-made heart. They just suggest that u r wrong. U have problem. And u r done.

But it isn’t true. Not at all. It’s just their way to attack people who r different from them isn’t it.

This is what we r. And this is even what separate us from the tide, what distinguishs us and outstands us. It’s a talent, a gift from God.

I would say it gives me a lot when I can c what others can’t c and feel what others can’t feel. It’s so special.

I know I’m more sensitive to others years ago. My skin is thinner and my nose is more vulnerable. My sense of smell, hearing and taste r pretty excellent. I have very senstive in terms of pain sense. When we practiced volleyball together in middle school, only my arms got bruise and it even sustained for a week. I remember lots of details though it dates back to eighteen years ago. 

I was shameful about my sensitivity. Mostly influced by “seniors”. I thought there was something wrong in me. But now I change.

I accept that it’s just part of me. The nature me. No one can ever judge u, except for God. And I do nothing wrong. Though I’m imperfect, nobody is. Just don’t judge others by ur own opinions. And don’t be judged by others’ opinions. We r not Lord. 

It’s gonna take a while to accept it, practice it and master it. But it’s worth it. After the pain u will c the world more beautiful.

Remember that, never ever let others define u. U r real. Ur feelings r real ur senses r real.

And that’s the lovely u, one and only u. That’s what u r about and that’s y I love u. And that’s how God loves u.

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