The best thing to do in such a tiring night is to sit down and be inmersed in your favorite music, with beautiful yellow lights.

Sorry for being late – for the one I have been looking forward to since it was to be released. Also for the important friend who gave it to me as a farewell gift, who I haven’t met for a while.

Adele is so amazing that every song in the album impresses me at once and makes me wanna cry, wanna sing, wanna dance to. Also sorry to myself for missing such a great masterpiece for like 4 months. 

I enjoy the mood and status listening to her voice, sitting still in a quite night with all focus on the rhythm and up-and-downs. It’s just so enjoyable and fantastic  to me.

Quite time is important to me. A good friend is important to me. Music is important to me. Being listening to is important to me. Equality is important to me. Freedom is important to me. Love is important to me. 

Such “clear” self-awareness is something that I find intersting from me. It sometimes helps, sometimes sucks. I always naturally look at myself from a third party’s perspective, which might seems a bit weird. It’s just like someone is observing and tracking me all the time and the one is right me. And that’s why I can calmly analyze and make decision. However it screws up things when I sense something like I’m a bit into someone, or probably I can’t work out with a certain type of persons and I just come across one. In other words, when I realize that I meet my favorable and unfavorable stuff/people.

This seems what happens right now and the two above situations incurr at the same time in the same environment, which troubles me somehow.

Back to the point, it’s just unbelievable that how come every song in an album amazes! How come all of them are so enjoyable!

A good friend is very important to me. She can be the one awakens me up when I am down and dull. How grateful I’m to have such good friends. There’s someone that u can freely share your world with. It makes me feel safe and supported at all time. 😉 

So back to the point, we are all facing with different crosses in our life. Quoted from the important friend, “if God allows it to happens, it happens”. Don’t look back in anger. Let’s walk it through together.

As long as we have music.


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