Spring is COMING!



Spring is coming, not for me, but for friends in AU, 🙂 though it is gonna be autumn there.

Today I feel released and hopeful 🙂 in the following of Friday’s girls’ talk. LOL


Below are just some thing to … complain (I hope it won’t be too bad)

Just for ummmmm some trifles – I really, really ,really wanna yell (especially at wechat friends’ circle):

  • Could you please don’t straightly ask me where I am working?
  • Could you please don’t ask me about my salary? It won’t show your cuteness at all dear.
  • Could you please have some awareness of privacy?
  • I, have, no, obligation, to tell you, anything, about me
  • None of them are of your business

I do feel sick when meeting a friend who I haven’t been in contact for a while, then just asked in the very first sentence of our conversation:

“So which firm are you woking at?”

Just came to me and asked this, for our greeting after a while.

Hey won’t you care anything about me? I mean me, not my position, salary, GPA or relationship status. = =/// Yea, I still remember last time you asked me my IELTS scores in a similar situation. Now one year past you are still like this ORZ…

They are none of your business!


Anyways, I will just ignore these…This won’t bother me now, though it did before. As I am growing up, haha.


Spring is coming!

So can we all find our lovers this year hahahahahahah!!!! (Don’t know why, this topic/stuff keeps surrounding me recently. Friends’ experience, friends’ comments (to me), and my experience, etc. haha)

Let’s pray.





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