Attended a (business) lunch today 

It was a feast. The food was excellent (coz it was expensive…) and I met wonderful ppl. It’s great in general.

But it makes me think.

There’s so much difference  between them and me.

Coz I can never bring “my family” (by that I mean family network background or so) nor “my dad” as a 谈资 (此处该词非贬义).

Among those attendee today, the youngest girl’s dad is a lawyer who is a friend of my boss’s; another guy’s uncle is working in an embassy; some holds Canadian passport and some holds American. Damn. When they talk about “my dad” and “my uncle”, as well as their SAT and snow. it’s hard not to be jealous (羡慕的).

Life is not fair. Anytime at all.

I’m what I am, or, I’m in the position of today, it’s for my effort. Then I know big people, then I build my network. Then I struggle and stumble. Then I work so hard. 

But they can achieve the same level, only, becoz, they have met those big people when they were young during their dad’s conference. 

Forget about the bullshit comforting us, which might tell u that it would not suffice and they would be fired if they do bad. 

So what if they do well? What if they are talents too?

It’s not about the “result”. It’s first about the “opportunity”. 

Network is so important. Especially when u don’t have it. How can u compete with those people who are from wealthy and well educated family, who are also clever and intelligent???

I work hard, not matter on what. But I don’t have a noble family do I? (This is somehow true, that after high school graduation, ur family network, ur looking and money, are dramatically important.)  Accept that carry on.
Yet this is when we need God. Coz he doesn’t value us according to appearance. He looks at our heart.


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