Getting up early makes me happy

Feeling that I am master of the day

To spread love and kindness

Even to those I would hesitate


But tbh

I really don’t like those who ignore my msg but post new stuff publicly

And those who ignore friend requests though we just met before

And those who ignore friendly email

Cause I am not wanting any benefit from you

It is simply out of kindness

But now you ignore (even twice or more)

Then it is you who turn this potential friendly relationship (no matter it is friendship or not) to death

I can not do anything to “revenge” and I would not

I will just not expect from you and will not pay to further kindness towards you

Cause to me it is so damn impolite to behave like this

(Btw… it is so hard to become part of a new church, especially when you have age gaps)

Let’s see



do not let this ruin my day

It is still a good day

I bought a super lovely book and I got it yesterday which is about wine

Oh I love it to death…I love wine…


I miss office days somehow

I was productive, efficient, self-displined

I was offer with good wine and coffee…(ORZ)

I was accompanied with colleagues almost every dinner hahah!!!

Although…it is said that “workaholic” is due to…um…many reasons…and it is kind of “addiction”. One reason is the lack  of security ahaha…


It is somehow true maybe…cause I always feel needed in work



So finally my final officially starts today

Should fully focus on it from today

I hope it goes well

Just fight fight fight, like what we were before, like what we have been used to be

(Very proud that today  I am one of the earliest ones who waiting for the library to open…historical moment haha)

Add oil!!!




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