Write Something


Write sth

Little sth

Maybe nothing

When you are tired

When you are dull

Or, when we are down


Disappoint, disappointed, disappointing, disappointment

I am not smart, nor am I a star

Never shine at the very first place, never ever

Show silliness even, not cute at all

Ummm what’s wrong with my brain lol

Sorry for disappointing you, and me


Gonna be, have to be, more diligent, coz it’s the only way out, for me

I am never clever enough, sigh

Would I shine one day?


People are getting higher position, getting good offers. Yes I really confess it is much better than mine. It definitely is.

It sucks when I feel that I feel bad becoz of this. Coz it is so wrong to be jealous. I shouldn’t. Yet I am a little upset.

When they are doing so much better than you and when again and again you doubt yourself in life, for work, for relationship, for family, for everything anything.

And where should I go?



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