Give thanks


Give thanks

Not only today, but everyday

Even though I fall, give thanks to people who accompany me during this hard times

And have the faith that all is in His hand

Give thanks, for the people I meet, for the hardship I experience, for the memory I hold

For I am upset and frustrated, but I am not hopeless

For I still have family (especially my mum) who love and support me no matter what, listen to and stay with me no matter what. They try to cheer me up when I am faced with difficulties. They love me so much.

For I still have many friends who understand me and give advice.

So many people and things that I should be thankful for

I fall and I fall, but I stand up and I stand up


It will be alright

I am tough 🙂


Don’t worry about tomorrow 不要为明天忧虑 💗


4 thoughts on “Give thanks

  1. 你們看那天上的飛鳥,也不種也不收,也不積蓄在倉裡,你們的天父尚且養活牠,你們不比飛鳥貴重得多嗎?你們需用的這一切東西,你們的天父是知道的。不要為明天憂慮,因為明天自有明天的憂慮。一天的難處一天當就夠了。 : )

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